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All is Right

West Wing - Fan Fiction

Fandom: West Wing
Title: Honey
Paring: Josh/Donna
Rating: General
Beta: None
Spoilers: Set after ‘In the Shadow of Two Gun Men’ but before ‘Noel’
Summary: Donna can’t help but enlighten Josh with a little trivia.

Edit: A kind hearted thank you to flippet for a little suggestion to the story and for giving some great feedback. It really is appreciated. Oh and to madamevoilanska also for pointing out a rather important mistake.

Authors note: This is just a little drabble of no real drama just a simple first time attempt at the Josh/Donna banter. I simply wanted to dangle my feet in the water before I jumped in. I would really love feedback.

Also if anyone does like this story and would wish to be a possible beta if I do attempt more West Wing fan fiction then just drop me a message, but feel free to check out other stories I’ve written to see if you like my style of writing.

As soon as Josh walked through the doors of the West Wing Donna was waiting for him, ready to plough right on into the day. As Josh neared her, Donna immediately fell into step alongside him.

“Did you know that honey is the only food to be collected by insects that is eaten by man?”

Josh gave her a quizzically look. “And a good morning to you to, Miss Fountain of inane trivia.”

Donna carried on undiscouraged. “Also it is the only food which doesn’t spoil; all you have to do is store it at room temperature.”

Josh looked at her with mock interest. “Really? That is fascinating.” It was said with very much the amount of Josh Lyman sarcasm that you can expect first thing on a Monday morning.

“But it is Josh...” Donna mimicked back to him. “...Because recently some archaeologists found honey in an Egyptian tomb which was still edible.” Donna stepped back a little as they passed one at a time through Josh’s office door. “But it does make me wonder why pots of honey have sell by dates on them?”

“Donna I hope you’re not finding this stuff out on my time.” Josh looked over at Donna from behind his desk to see her looking off into the distance, as if to be really contemplating her previous factoid.

He dumped his rucksack on his desk before pulling Donna back from her contemplation. “Donna?”

She looked at him without seeming to miss a single beat. “Your time?”

Josh merely smiled.

“Also the Egyptians used honey as the bases to many medical remedies.”

“Yeah but it didn’t seem to help them much when the locusts and frogs came bounding down on their asses.” Josh stated simply as he pulled files out of his rucksack.

The corners of Donna’s mouth twitched a little, she shrugged. “Well what kind of creator would you be if you could be stumped by something of your own design?”

“Bill Gates?”

They both let the mundane, sarcastic comment hang in the air for a moment before Josh slumped himself into his office chair and Donna went into ‘assistant’ mode.

“You have staff in half an hour, a meeting on the hill with Gable and Colbert at noon and Toby ask if at one point during the day you would look over section 2 of bill 18-22.” Donna placed his timetable on his desk before taking the unseen moment to look him over.

His hair was extremely erratic and puffy this morning and she could see bags under his eyes. It seemed as if he’d had even less than his usual 4 hours of sleep. She also noted a, somewhat quite, but detectable sigh escape his lips.

Donna took a small step forward. “Josh?”

Lazily Josh tilted his head to look at her. “Yeah?”

Donna seemed to take a beat before smiling warmly at him. “Did you also know that honey is a natural energy restorer?”

The line of Josh’s mouth softened and his dimples came out in force. “Nope.” He said softly.

“Well it’s always good to have a little bit of inane knowledge,” she said, glaring playfully at Josh as she turned, her golden hair slipping over her shoulder. “You never know what benefits you may get from it.”

A small laugh left his tired body as he watched her leave his office and as he did a reflective countenance fell over him, but, it was gone just as quickly as it came.

Honey facts taken from the following website http://www.honeyplace.com/honeyfacts.htm


Yay!! I love it when Donna is full of useless (but actually really interesting) knowledge. This was great!
Very cute! Could use a good beta-ing just to clean up some strays, but I like it. :-)

Here's what you're missing that I kind of expected, actually, and was disappointed not to find: (I've adjusted a sentence for you.)

“Well it’s always good to have a little bit of inane knowledge,” she said, glaring humorously at Josh as she turned, her golden hair slipping over her shoulder. “You never know what benefits you may get from it.”

Just the smallest allusion there gives it a nice kick, I think. :-)

Yeah you're right, thanks. :) You don't mind if I add that do you?

It normally takes me a while to get into the characters and a writing style, I haven't written any fan fiction for over a year or so now. It does also help if it's been betaed. I just need to get my eye in with a few more little fics. Josh Donna banter is quite hard to get right, and I'm saying that as someone whose just read fan fic stories about them.

Glad that you liked it.
You don't mind if I add that do you?

Go ahead, just give me a drop of credit in your Author's Note. :-) (Like - 'Thanks to flippet for a slight tweak'. And anyone who sees my post will see what exactly I did.) It's still not perfect, I don't think (I massaged it for a few minutes, trying to keep most of what you had), but it's better.

also i did rush this out perhaps a little too quick, but I was just kinda desperate to out it out there and get some feedback
Hey, I can understand excitement! That's good. And really--the work it needs is pretty much just a good brushing and sweeping. The foundation is reasonably solid. A couple of run-throughs with a critical eye and a 'red pen' can make a good idea so much tighter, give it the snap it needs.

Believe me, the fact that I'm even mentioning it, let alone tossing a tweak at you means that I like it. :-) If someone writes something that's either carelessly un-beta-ed, or just hopeless in other ways, I generally don't bother to comment at all. I could see that wasn't the case here! (Also, are you British, perchance? I think a couple of the things that jumped out at me are related to that.)
Yes, yes I am British :) and don't worry I was so gonna give you credit with the little tweek. If you don't mind me asking I'd like to see how you massaged it. If you're cool with that.
I don't ordinarily comment, but I think you mean "locusts and frogs," not "lotuses and frogs." Lotuses are flowers, locusts are insects--and one of the 10 Plagues, which I believe you're referring to.

I like the story, though.
thank you for pointing the mistake out. and glad you liked it. I know that it would be better if it had been betaed, but I just really wanted to get something out there
Hey, came to this through josh_donna and I really enjoyed this piece. A couple of mistakes, but nothing a beta couldn't fix.

I smiled at the mention of Colbert. Didn't fit in to the WW timeline, but it was a nice throw-in anyway. Imagine Stephen Colbert in the White House!

thanks for the feedback as it's always nice to know if people enjoy your work or not:)

But i'm sorry to disapoint you as Gable and Colbert is a reference to It Happened One Night, one of my all time favourite films which starred Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert. Sorry :(


*embarrassed* Oh wow...the youth is totally shining through here, eh?

I've *seen* It Happened One Night...Clark Gable was - is - one of my first crushes. I think I lived to be Scarlett O'Hara when I was around 13 (of course, I would have never gone after Ashley when there was gorgeous Rhett to be had). Silly, Comedy Central-ized brain!

Re: <-

That's okay, I know people are gonna thinkg it's Stephen Colbert, but I needed a name and the poster is on my wall it works so well.

Clark Gable was a great actor, when handled right by a great director, like Mr Capra. And I love Gone With The Wind, even though some of it a little ropy and bit and pieces of the acting are, somewhat, theatery, it's still an amazing film and it does manage to servive the miscasting of Leslie Howard as Ashley, how Errol Finn didn't get the part I'll never know.